• The Theatre of Landscape

    Professor Mostyn Bramley-Moore, 2006

    Anita Hochman’s Recent Paintings In Tristes Tropiques (1955), Claude Lévi-Strauss talks eloquently about sunset.  As daylight weakens the sun is for him an architect, and then, as the light falls away even more, it becomes a painter.  As night gathers, the imagination is released. Anita Hochman, in her recent paintings has presented us with landscapes built of […]

  • Opening Address, ‘Landscapes’,

    Lois Randall, 2006

    Lismore Regional Art Gallery ‘Landscapes’ charts the inner territory of the emotions – to me these works are both turbulent and serene. There is a notable shift in this series of larger works, a departure from her use of strong colour. The absence of colour in these works – the brooding reduced palette of silver, […]

  • Unique Abstract Landscapes

    Nick Cassidy, 2006

    ‘After a short but inspiring stint in Northern France, far north coast artist Anita Hochman has returned home to show her unique abstract landscapes at an exhibition in Lismore. With the subtlety of her brushstokes Hochman creates land and waterscapes brimming with atmospheric light.’

  • Awarded Walkom Manning Art Prize ‘Aqua Vitae’, 2003

    Dr Trevor Weekes, 2003

    ‘A beautifully controlled monochrome painting that has captured the essence and mood of the ocean’.

  • The University of Sydney Sesquicentenary Exhibition

    Nick Vickers, 2002

    ‘The paintings dance and shine under the gallery lights … using metallic acrylic paints, she worked the light and darkness of the city into lustrous compositions that capture the watery environment of Sydney’s Woolloomooloo district. This dynamic series of new works advances Anita Hochman’s output to another level. This body of work displays an interest […]

  • New Space Odyssey

    Jeff Makin, 1999

    ‘Hochman’s vision is more romantic. Poetic. It’s a soulful painting in which the subject is veiled by wet painted vapours’